Gee Dubs is a street savvy artist in his early twenties. Born and raised in Queens, New York he represents a genre in Hip Hop that is nearly on the verge of extinction. While most artists of today will conform to industry standards, Dubs refuses to compromise and continues to deliver his talent in its purest form.

Before Dubs began MCing, he was known through out his hood as an old soul in a young mans body. Although he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, he has always had a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. As Dubs became popularly known around the hood for being young and wise, his graffiti alias grew a bit of a buzz in the streets of New York City in the early millennium. At the age of fifteen he had several run-ins with the law because of his illegal art but this did not discourage Dubs from continuing to follow his hip hop roots, he then turned to freestyling and rhyming. He began rhyming in the cipher of his crew throughout Ridgewood, Queens. Crowds began to realize through his remarkable and illusive lyrics, that Dubs had what it took to be an MC. Dubs created Gifted Hoods with his early childhood friend “JUS”, which is a close knit association of friends. As a fifteen year old, he did not have enough money to purchase the studio time to produce good quality of music that he wanted to, so he raised the funds on his own to record. A couple of years after, Dubs came to the realization that fast money would not guarantee stability in his life. He began to look for legal ways to earn money and picked up on the society he promised himself that he would never be a part of, “the nine to fiver”. With a greater vision and his entrepreneur mind set, Dubs began investing in his brand, Gifted Hoods Music. Dubs was forced to create a home for his new label. He wanted a place where Gifted Hoods could live. He used all the money that he had worked so hard for throughout his teenage years and began building his very own private recording studio in late 2007.

Dubs finally had the proper materials and his very own studio to record. He began experimenting with different producers for a variety of sounds. In 2009, Dubs hooked up with a producer by the name of Mike Cali, a Ridgewood native. Ironically, Mike Cali was a childhood friend of Dubs’ older brother. Without the slightest idea of their musical connection, the two paired fifteen years later in the present to release Gee Dubs’ first studio recorded EP titled, “Who’s Listening?”. The opportunity of digital distribution allowed the two to get their music heard around the world. With the same mentality as his younger days, Dubs realized that the “hand to hand hustle” was just as important in order to spread his music. Gifted Hoods Music, independently, created an actual compact disc that was packaged no different than an album released by a major label.

The internet promptly responded to Dubs’ EP with much enthusiasm and support. After the great response that he received, Dubs quickly took advantage of the Internet by bringing a visual aspect of his music by collaborating with Mike Chops to create viral videos for songs off of his EP. To the Gifted Hoods audience, Mike Chops is better known for his work as the director of “The Last Call” video off of  the “Who’s Listening” EP. Dubs realized that Mike Chops had more to offer than just directing video’s, he was making his mark in hip hop as a producer before the two ever met.

Currently, Gee Dubs and Mike Chops have decided to collaborate on a 12 track project titled Preface to Disaster. The project is intended to set the stage for Dubs and showcase the unique individuality that Gifted Hoods has to offer to the game. “It all just fell into place” Chops says “we were working toward a different project for some time. We recorded probably three or four dozen tracks, all that work ended up manifesting into these ideas that brought us to the ‘Preface’ project.”

While the cover art may inspire imaginations to run wild, Preface to Disaster isn’t exactly a concept project. “There’s definitely material on there that touches on certain topics, especially with all the hype of 2012 creeping” Dubs explains “But the title is more of a metaphor for the introduction of Gifted Hoods to the music industry and the public. It’s symbolic of the idiom ‘the quiet before the storm’, you don’t know us right now but once this project drops you’re gonna feel that shift in energy. We’re going to get peoples’ attention. It’s like that first crack of thunder when the sky turns gray, you know it’s only a matter of time before the rain comes pouring down.”

(Preface to Disaster is set to be released in the summer of 2011.)

Without limiting himself, Gee has always showed interest in all genres of music but understands that his passion led him to Hip Hop. Realizing that in order to succeed in the music industry it is necessary to not only focus on the artistic side, but understand the politics of the business. All of his knowledge and experience, combined with willingness to never sacrifice his integrity, has created a sound that Hip Hop supporters instantly can relate to. Gee Dubs’ relentless pursuit to be successful within the Hip Hop industry has led him to where he is now. The ground work has just begun!


* 2012 update – Gee Dubs & producer Mike Cali collaborate on “AM Shift” which is a LP available  for free download.

*2013 update– Gee Dubs & Producer/DJ J-Love (Wu-Tang Clan affiliate & tour DJ for Ghostface Killah) are collaborating on a full length LP titled “Hands On Ice”